The thought of team-building exercises might bring to mind images of trust falls and awkward ice breaker-based conversations, but real team building is a critical element to the success of many companies. The benefits of team-building exercises include the development of group skills, communication, and bonding. These sorts of connections are long lasting and can have a direct impact on the effectiveness and productivity of staff members. Today’s article will provide a number of options for team-building activities for accounting managers and their staff.

Exercise 1. Accounting Jeopardy

Though the use of a well-known and easily learned game show format – Jeopardy is a great example – managers can share information in a fun and engaging manner. To play the game, split the overall group into teams. Then have the teams take turns responding to questions (or questioning answers as the case may be) for points. Encourage the teams to compete to build engagement and participation. Stick to topics that employees are likely familiar with in their day-to-day work, or even include interesting personal facts or stories about staff careers or accomplishments.

Exercise 2. Accountants as Architects

As the majority of accountants and finance employees are used to working independently, take the team-building exercise as an opportunity for them to develop their team-work skills. With this exercise, staff are asked to collaborate and communicate with their team members to build a structure (such as a bridge or building) out of common household items such as string, newspaper, popsicle sticks, marshmallows, or cardboard tubes. This activity tests their communication skills and their group problem-solving skills. Time the activity, and when the allotted time is up, test the group designs by gradually adding weight to the individual structures. The last tower to fall wins.

Exercise 3. Meal Preparation Activity

Food is something every employee has in common, and cooking can be an exciting and unifying activity for teams. Have individual teams plan and prepare a set menu for later enjoyment. Taking a cooking class is a nice spin on this activity, but also just cooking together as a group can be a fun and bonding process. Individuals may have different preferences when it comes to cooking (or eating), or they might have different processes or recipes. Cooking as a group requires collaboration and compromise to ensure the successful preparation of a menu. To up the ante, consider providing team members with a limited number of ingredients as a challenge to see how staff work together to be creative in their problem solving.

Exercise 4. Take a Field Trip


Corporate retreats are common team-building examples, for good reason! Getting employees out of their usual work-space and into a new environment helps them to focus on their experience and enjoy the event. Off-site events are a great opportunity for brainstorming sessions or training seminars. The fresh perspective a retreat can provide will do wonders for their motivation and productivity once they return to work.

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