Millennials are a unique type of employee, and are flooding the job market in recent years. As of 2014, candidates born in the 80s and 90s made up more than 30 percent of the American workforce. As a member of an older generation, such as Gen X or baby boomers, it’s important to keep in mind that you are likely to compete with millennials for top jobs on the market today. This article will provide a number of valuable tips for candidates who must compete with a younger generation. Keep these in mind for your next interview, to make sure you really market yourself well.

  1. Embrace New Technologies

From an employer’s perspective, one of the most attractive aspects of millennial candidates is their recent exposure to and training in the latest technologies. The best way to compete against these tech-savvy candidates is to stay up-to-date on new and emerging technologies within your field. These technologies include software and applications, as well as hardware and tools used regularly within the workforce. Consider taking training courses or expanding your education in various technologies while you are looking for your next position. This will help you remain competitive within the job market.

  1. Stay Current

If you are looking to stay in the know as you look for a new job, the latest information is most likely being published online. Many older generations of workers expect to find high-quality market information in print and literature, but blogs and social media are increasingly the most present and current medium for market news, current events, and even job listings. If you haven’t been reading the web to stay current in your industry, you are likely falling behind.

  1. Be Creative

Millennials are well known for their ingenuity and creativity in the workforce. But they certainly don’t have the market cornered in creative thinking. As an older candidate, you can market yourself and your experience in such a way to exemplify your ability to think outside the box and provide solutions on past projects. Employers love to learn what you can do to solve their problems, and showing your ability to provide creative solutions will help bring your resume to the front of the line.

  1. Be Flexible

Interestingly, the landscape of most workforces has changed in recent years. Flexible work hours and alternative job statuses are increasingly popular. A large percentage of millennials want to be able to choose their own work hours. Working in a job market alongside this nontraditional generation means that you too will likely need to be more flexible in your work style. Collaboration with a wide variety of professionals is, and has always been, an important part of doing well on the job. Sell your flexibility and responsiveness to situations to remain competitive.

  1. Market Your Experience

Likely, the greatest edge you have over millennials on the job market is your experience. Don’t short change the value of having worked within the field for longer than your competitors. That experience is likely your most valuable marketing tool.

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