As an administrative professional, you have direct contact with many members of your company’s staff, especially management. These co-workers and supervisors make excellent references later in your career, so long as you manage to stay in touch with them as time goes by. Today’s article will discuss a number of thoughtful ways you can reach out and stay in touch with an old boss to extend your professional network and even retain a key reference on your resume down the road.

Thank Them for the Experience

There is nothing as powerful for maintaining a professional relationship than a sincere thank you. When you acquire a new job, leave your old one as gracefully as possible. Consider reaching out to a former boss to thank them directly for the experience and learning opportunities they helped to provide. While it can feel awkward to reach out to former employers once you have found work elsewhere, remember that as professionals themselves, they understand that not every position is necessarily a long-term career path. They have likely moved from opportunity to opportunity when the time was right as well. Taking the time to acknowledge how they helped you become a better administrative professional and thanking them for their time will go a long way to maintaining a solid relationship in the future.

Connect With Them on Social Media

These days, your professional network is directly tied into your effective use of social media. Make sure you connect with former supervisors and even co-workers on professional networking sites like LinkedIn to keep in touch. Social media provides access to regular updates about their professional activities (such as where they work, projects, etc.), and you also gain partial access to their network of professional connections. If you are looking for a new opportunity with a connection to a former co-worker, social media can make that introduction much easier. Make sure your profile and content is up to date and reach out to a former boss you know will make a good reference.

Don’t Forget the Christmas Card

Sending out regular holiday greetings or birthday cards can help maintain a connection over the long term without going to great lengths. The occasional handwritten note can show a former manager you remember them fondly and that you appreciate your time together. Keeping in touch without over extending your welcome is important to maintaining a connection so they will make a good reference in years to come.

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