Managers play a pivotal role in the success of any business. IT is an industry where the role of a manager is in many cases more critical than the staff itself. This is primarily because the biggest asset an IT organization has is its people and specifically, IT Management. Managers in the IT industry are trusted to manage and derive the most value from the company’s most valuable asset – its employees. If you are already an IT manager, chances are that you are an expert in your field and have some great successes under your belt which got you to this point. This is also true for most other IT managers around you making the competition quite stiff. In this article, we will explore ways you can stand out as an IT manager.

Managing Without Micromanaging

IT managers are tasked with achieving results through teamwork and collaboration, tailoring their management style for individual needs and having a good architectural direction for the team. The IT industry is full of talented and smart people. Asserting dominance through enforcing your view point as a manager while stifling creative ideas from others is not a recipe for success. Encouraging collaboration and affording your team the chance to come up with their own ideas and implement them is usually how IT managers can achieve best results. Your team is full of talented individuals you hired for the value they add to the business, based on their knowledge and experience. Use what each individual has to offer to improve the collective throughput of the team without micromanaging, which often hurts productivity.

Making Good Use of Your Professional IT Management Network

As managers, it is often easy to become overly focused in the day-to-day work and commitments. Sometimes this takes away from planned execution which will differentiate you as a manger. It is hard to overemphasize the importance of professional networking. Keeping your professional social media profiles updated with your latest accomplishments in an achieving data-driven milestones goes a long way in getting your name out there, connecting with others in the field, and even getting noticed by the relevant recruiters for your next big step in your career. Professional social media is one of the most commonly used resources for recruiters across the IT industry. Make sure that your profile and resume are on their radar to really stand out in the industry.

Differentiate Your Experience

As a manager in the IT industry, chances are you have a lot of experience working on a variety of projects, making architectural decisions and coming up with designs to best achieve high-level business goals. Chances are, you also have experience and are actively engaged in business planning and coming up with short-term and long-term strategies for some specific aspect of business development. One of the best ways to differentiate yourself as an IT manager is to establish yourself as an expert and share your knowledge, whether through conference presentations, passion projects, or even in a personal blog. Setting yourself apart from the competition will occur naturally when you are recognized as an expert within your field.

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