Having to hire quickly can be a bad position to be in. A manager may find themselves in a pinch with lackluster candidates to choose from if an employee quits or is fired. Being proactive in your recruiting may be the answer to this seemingly inevitable concern. Identifying and recruiting good employees takes time and a significant amount of effort.

When you are looking to backfill a high-priority position, there simply might not be enough time or resources to make the right decisions and bring on a good hire. Rather than just recruiting someone to fill a void, hiring managers need to be thoughtful of the roles and responsibilities of the position they are hiring for. This is very difficult to do when there is such a strong press for time. The bottom line is that employers need to be prepared to hire before there is a pressing need. Here are a few ways managers can be prepared in case the worst should happen.

Monitor Workloads

Employers who closely monitor the workloads of individual employees are better able to forecast-and therefore prepare-for hiring needs on the horizon. Knowing what projects are on the horizon and what staffing needs will come as a result of that change in workload will help prepare employers for the moment when hiring additional support suddenly becomes critical. Awareness of current and future needs helps to position hiring managers for recruiting the best and most qualified candidates when the time comes.

Seek Out Candidates Proactively

Houston is a very competitive hiring market. Experienced professionals are constantly in demand, which can result in high rates of turnover. To get ahead of the curve, managers can seek out qualified candidates proactively and solicit interest from candidates who are not quite yet ready to switch jobs or come on board. Networking in this way can help managers identify the employees who they would most like to work with in the future and prepare for a quick hire when the opportunity presents itself.

Partner with a Staffing Agency

Employers who use a staffing partner with a pre-qualified pool of candidates and deep insight into the needs of employers in the respective field have access to the recruiting support and applicant pool they need when the time comes to hire. Initiating a relationship with a staffing firm prior to needing to hire sets employers up for a low-stress hiring process. A good staffing partner acts as an ideal intermediary who is able to match the candidates with the needs (both current and future) of employers to everyone’s mutual satisfaction. Maintaining that relationship and staying connected with a staffing partner helps to prepare hiring managers for a quick hire when the time comes.

Speak with a Search Services staffing professional who knows the hiring market best and can provide insight into the candidate pool in preparation of your hiring needs. Call Search Services today and make sure you are prepared for your next big hire.


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