With the new year just around the corner, perhaps it’s a good time for you to put some thought into how you can revitalize your job hunt. Job seekers, particularly those who feel that they are stuck in a rut, can really benefit from some quality New Year’s resolutions. Here are our top recommended resolutions for candidates in IT management.

Resolution #1: Grow Your Network

As an IT management professional, your career truly depends on the quality of your professional network. But it’s possible that over time, your circle of connections has become outdated. Now is a great time to commit to reaching out and improving your professional network. There are a number of ways to do this, but chief among them is attending in-person IT functions and various industry networking events.

If you don’t really know where to start, make sure our LinkedIn profile is up to date and presents your work history and experience in the best possible light. From there, start making connections. Join IT and management groups, research local or regional IT conferences and networking events, and jump in on the conversation. Consider joining a local chapter for a relevant professional association. Set up informational interviews and meet and greets with other industry professionals. There are so many ways you can extend your professional network that you really can’t go wrong once you start making connections and meeting people in the field. Just remember, always carry your business card and put your best foot forward.

Resolution #2: Learn a New Skill

If your resume is starting to look a little outdated, it’s worth considering either going back to school or making the effort to learn a new skill on your own. There are a wide variety of certificates and training programs available to professionals looking to continue their education while balancing a full work schedule, so don’t shy away from the idea simply because you don’t think you’ll find the time. Adding a new skill to your resume can give your career a real boost. Hiring managers and employers love to see a candidate’s commitment to improving themselves over time and adding real value to their careers through continued education.

Some interesting skills and programs that might be of particular interest in an IT management position include anything related to big data and analytics (very hot topics in the IT field right now), an MBA (still considered one of the most widely recognized qualifications in management), PRINCE2 (a process-based approach for project management), training in ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library), and Six Sigma (another well-known process improvement methodology).

Resolution #3: Share Your Knowledge

Becoming a topic expert in your area of the industry can really help give your career direction and momentum. Writing an IT blog for example, where you can showcase your experience and provide valuable information for other professionals, can earn you the accolades and attention you deserve which can put your resume in the spotlight for recruiters and hiring managers looking to bring on industry-leading talent. It’s not overly difficult to start your own blog these days; it the largest investment it requires is your time and knowledge. It’s definitely worth considering as we head into another year of competitive job placement and industry growth.

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