Once you’ve seen enough resumes, you know that it’s difficult to see whether someone would make a good receptionist candidate on their credentials alone. Soft skills and personality are as important as work history and education, particularly in a customer-facing position such as behind the reception desk. Below are some of the most important personality traits that receptionist candidates should possess in order to be effective in their job.

People Skills

There are few things more off-putting than an unfriendly receptionist. That doesn’t mean they need to be smiling and happy all day every day. It does mean that they need to have good people skills. Knowing how to communicate with a wide range of people, how to present themselves in a professional way that represents the company well, and even the ability to handle difficult people will all come in handy for a receptionist. If you are looking to work in reception but feel that your people skills might be lacking, it’s easy enough to develop them out in the real world on your own. Get out there and interact with others.

Patience and Flexibility

The front desk often deals with many situations where a cool head, some extra patience and the ability to handle a crisis are all skills which are decidedly in demand. As receptionists are often asked to handle a wide range of ongoing tasks and coordinate a wide variety of people, that ability to multitask without losing out on the details is highly valuable. If you are interviewing for a receptionist position and wondering what qualities to emphasize, these two are a must.

Positive Attitude

Whoever said that happiness is a choice must have been a great receptionist. That’s because it’s true. A positive attitude helps set the right impression with new clients, partners, or customers. It also goes a long way toward making the office environment a positive place. Happiness is infectious. With a receptionist who is committed to maintaining a positive attitude throughout the day, no matter what challenges or concerns arise, everyone else is able to bolster that positivity and encourage it in others.

Receptionists are like a company’s first impression. They want to make sure they are represented as well as can be. This means companies are looking for skilled receptionists who are able to maintain a positive attitude, adapt to a fast-paced environment, and interact well with the public no matter the situation.

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