Are you at all worried that your clerical resume isn’t promoting your administrative skills as well as it could be? Your concerns are legitimate, as many professionals seem to lack the ability to make their work history shine within the limited framework that a resume provides. Luckily, there are a number of tips and tricks that will help you give life to your resume and make hiring managers pay attention to your talents when they consider your application. Today’s article will review a number of actionable revisions that you can incorporate into your admin resume today for better responses from hiring managers.

Highlight Training Programs

Standard resumes are generally pretty bland and lack the punch that catches the attention of employers. In this day and age, a simple work history and education section are no longer enough to represent your professional abilities on paper. Make room on your resume to highlight voluntary training programs and/or further education that will show your commitment to the profession and your career development. Examples of such programs can include formal education with a focus on business administration, training in organizational tools or software, project management processes, and meeting facilitation. Bring such experiences to light so your future employer knows you are committed to your profession and increasing your professional value in the long term.

Feature Awards and Accolades

Similar to training programs, examples of awards and accolades received for past work is a great way to set yourself above other candidates in the hiring pool. You want to do all you can to differentiate yourself from similarly experienced applicants, and what better way to do that then show prospective employers that you received documented recognition for your hard work from previous clients and employers. List such accolades in brief in a separate section of your resume, or consider weaving a description of the award into the description of accomplishments from your work history. However you do it, make sure that those acknowledgements are easy to find and keep in mind when a hiring manager is breezing through your resume.

Focus on Meeting Facilitation and Organization

One common responsibility of administrative professionals is the coordination and facilitation of business meetings or other events. Showing your experience and successes as they relate to this specific task can help an employer put your resume into perspective. You want to show them what you have done for previous employers such that it makes reviewers think about how your skills and qualifications would be applicable to the opportunity they are evaluating you for. Real world, quantifiable experience is best, so focus on describing the size and format of meetings you have organized in the past.

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