Summer can prove to be a difficult time to find an accounting position, as many hiring managers leave for vacation, and the third and fourth quarter can see less of a budget for hiring. That said, there are certainly companies actively seeking new employees based purely on need. Luckily, there are a number of actions you can take to position yourself well for just such an opportunity. In today’s article, we provide our top three tips for helping candidates find an accounting position during the slow summer months.

Use a Staffing Partner

There are a wide number of benefits to working with a staffing agency at any time of the year, but recruiters can be your best resources particularly when the hiring market slows down. Being selective of who you work with can make a big impact in your job search success, as well. We highly recommend working with a staffing partner who focuses on a prepared list of employers, most of whom they have established relationships with, for best results.

A staffing partner is like a career counselor in a lot of ways. They help candidates identify and target the jobs and employers who are most likely a strong fit. By working with a staffing partner with a strong network and an established reputation, you will increase your chances of success substantially, even when the hiring rush of the early months of the year has past.

Call on Your Network

In addition to working with a recruiter, using LinkedIn to stay connected with companies and hiring managers who you are interested in engaging can make a great difference in your employability. The act of staying engaged and interacting with these connections can be enough to put you in the right place at the right time when the right job comes along.

Staying in touch via social and professional networking is simple, requires minimal effort, and shows employers that you are as committed to the relationship as you were when you first met. Just make sure that your digital profiles are kept up-to-date, and present yourself as highly professional at all times. Social media can blend the boundaries between personal and professional, so always be aware of what content you are sharing online.

Follow Up Matters

When a great opportunity does cross your path, be sure to follow up immediately with a thank-you note and with an email a week after an interview. Too many candidates lose out on wonderful opportunities simply because they were not able to show their investment in the job. Hiring managers are looking for employees who are eager enough to show their appreciation, so take the time to say “thank you” and follow up as needed.

Are you finding yourself about to step into the job market during one of the slowest hiring periods of the year? While it can be difficult, by working with a staffing specialist from Search Services, you will be better able to target the employers who are actively hiring candidates with your unique skills and qualifications. Take a moment to reach out to a hiring manager today to learn about exciting accounting opportunities in your area with Search Services. !SearchServicesCTA_FinanceJobs

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