Resumes, much like homes, require annual cleanup to stay in top condition, and with the spring season inevitably comes the desire to refresh and renew your professional outlook. A little spring cleaning of your resume can go a long way to revitalizing your job search. Today’s article will discuss three key ways you can spruce up your accounting resume to make sure you are ready for the exciting opportunities about to come your way.

Out With the Old

Resumes can become outdated surprisingly quickly. If you look over your resume and it just doesn’t read like it’s yours, consider removing any outdated experience and adding new projects or education. Don’t be afraid to start from scratch either! Sometimes a fresh start is what you need to really make your resume shine. Even just a new format or template can make an outdated resume look new and exciting. Don’t shy away from cutting content. While you want to bring your best achievements to light, if certain experiences or education are not serving your current professional goals, leave them off the resume. Your resume should be short, sweet, and above all, targeted toward getting you the job you really want.

Show Your Investment in the Industry

If you’ve been considering taking a new certification course or training, now is a great time to start. While you’re at it, list it on your resume as in progress. Employers like to see how invested in the industry and your work you are. By showing you are actively bettering your professional outlook, you tell employers you are committed to your career and to the work you do for your company. Taking on personal projects or volunteer work can also help personalize your resume and show your commitment to prospective employers.

Update References

While your professional references might not fit on your one- or two-page resume, now is also a good time to update your references. This can involve checking in with them individually to make sure they are still on board with being a reference, and also updating them on your current professional activities, your goals, and what you are looking for in terms of new opportunities. A cold call for a reference is awkward for both the potential employer and the reference if they are caught off-guard.

If some references are too old or no longer relevant, you will need to ask some new contacts to act as professional references. Consider reaching out to newer partners and clients to see if they would be willing to describe working with you in a positive way. A fresh and energetic reference can make all the difference for a hiring manager looking to bring you on board.

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